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Electronic Measuring Scoop For Pet Food

Electronic Measuring Scoop For Pet Food

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Durable Design with Convenient Features

Experience durability and convenience with our compact Electronic Measuring Scoop. Crafted from durable ABS material, this sleek scoop measures 23 x 9.5 cm, effortlessly fitting into any space. Powered by a CR2032 button battery (battery not included), it ensures reliable performance. With a capacity of up to 800g, it offers precise measurements for both solid and liquid ingredients.

Bowl-shaped Design: Accommodate larger containers with ease thanks to its bowl-shaped design. The comfortable handle allows for effortless use, while clear measurement data viewing enhances convenience.

Removable Spoon: Install and remove the spoon effortlessly with a metal plate aligning system. This feature ensures easy cleaning after each use, maintaining hygiene and convenience.

Versatile Measurement Units: Equipped with four units - grams, milliliters, cups, and ounces - our Electronic Measuring Scoop simplifies your kitchen tasks. Switch between units with a simple press of the UNIT button, while the LED display ensures clear and effortless reading.

High Precision: With a maximum weight capacity of 800 grams and an error margin within 10 grams, our measuring scoop delivers high precision. Perfect for measuring pet food portions and ensuring accurate measurements for both solid and liquid ingredients. This device provides reliable results every time.

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